We believe a significant part of what we are called to do as an organisation is to serve our local schools, partnering with them to see an improvement in student welfare and a decrease in issues affecting students.

Horizon Youth has years of extensive experience delivering customised school programs that address each school’s unique needs. We have received positive feedback from school executive staff members on the significant impact of our programs on their students and on cultural school issues.

We appreciate the efforts of Horizon Youth and hope we can continue our partnership. It is nice to see young people giving back into the community.

- Principal, Cronulla High School


Our main schools focus is our “Breakfast Crews”. The vision of “Breakfast Crews” is to ensure that no teenagers go through a school day hungry by providing every student with free breakfast at no cost to the school or to students.

  • The best part is that the free breakfast is primarily served by their fellow students that are a part of Horizon Youth.
  • We conduct this program on a weekly or fortnightly basis, depending on the school’s preference.
  • We believe this expression of uncommon love to students who are unaccustomed to such ‘random acts of kindness’, accompanied by interaction with our trained and qualified youth leaders, increases student welfare on an individual and corporate scale.
  • As well as that, it teaches students to give back to their school community, and the value of living a life of service towards others.
  • We have received grant funding from various organisations to fully fund this program so it is offered at no cost to the school or students.

To hear more about how Breakfast Crews can be implemented at your school, enquire by emailing [email protected]

I have seen Breakfast Crews have a profound impact on the welfare of students. Behaviourally, they’re different. Their demeanour and confidence changes. It puts all students on an equal playing field.

- Welfare Officer, Casula High School

Breakfast crews are important because it gives students a better start to their day…it gives them something to look forward to…simple but very effective!

- Chaplain, Endeavour High School


We would love to chat to you more about how Horizon Youth can serve your school. Contact us at [email protected].